Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cucumbers and radishes and squash, oh my

This week's bounty (sorry, no picture--it was hurled into the house yesterday as I rushed around to make dinner for us and guests) is so heavy on cukes, summer squash and daikon that I am contemplating an adventure in pickling. My son, who prior to our "You wanna make pickles?" conversation in the car yesterday never realized that "sweet" is a pickle category (he loves him some Kosher dills, though) is having visions of sugar dancing in his head, but I'm a little leery. I'll be breaking out my 1948 Kerr's Canning cookbook tomorrow for inspiration. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the list:

10 cukes
10 summer squash (including some pattypan)
one head of redleaf lettuce
one head of Chinese cabbage
one bunch of daikon (three big ones)
one bunch of turnips

Like I said, heavy on the squash, too. Maybe I can pickle that as well? A childhood summer of too many giant zucchinis makes the sight of my produce drawer overflowing, literally, with last week's squash and this week's too, a little nauseating. I'm thinking a gratin might be in order.


swimgirlseries said...

Zucchini bread? Or "bikini bread" as my kids call it?

Mieke said...

Are you going to post hte dill pickle receipe and procedure? I am growing cucs in the garden and thery are for pickeling. I think my spellings is all wrong here - i am tired.