Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Week 2 -- Glorious and Green

The haul was similar to last week's, though the lettuces and arugula have matured and so I came home with two large bunches of the latter and two different heads of the former, one red leaf, one bibb. The radishes are the long and sharp ones, again, delicious either as is or in salad. The turnips, if last week's were any indication, are so delicious that they are impossible to resist grabbing as a snack. Really. And I was thrilled to bring home two bunches each of kale and swiss chard, two of my favorite leafy greens. Recipes and thoughts to follow.


Wordgirl said...


Can you believe our CSA's were sold out around here?

A good sign, really, in the scheme of things...but really I MISS it.

Not that anything is growing around here yet -- cold, rainy -- did I mention rainy?


Wordgirl said...

Oh, and did I already recommend "This Organic Life" by Joan Dye Gussow?

I think you'd like it.

Alto2 said...

Oooh! I have a recipe for oven-roasted kale that comes out almost frizzled. Want it?

Nicie said...

oven-roasted kale sounds very interesting. Please post the recipe if you can!