Friday, July 25, 2008

The Week that Eight my Brain

Sorry for my absence this week--I've had a busy week for everything but cooking, and, apparently, blogging. I worked my second required shift at the farm this week, and again, felt that my contribution was entirely inadequate given how hard the farmers work and how much they give their shareholders. Yes, we pay for the food, but certainly less than retail. This week's haul: field greens, our first broccoli, gorgeous and leafy, onions, loads of cukes, tight heads of cabbage, summer squash, more red potatoes, and eggplant, a Japanese (long and skinny) variety in a deep, deep purple.

I wish I had a great recipe to share, but my big cooking adventure this week, an eggplant and potato curry from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian was a bland bust. In spite of homemade garam masala, coconut milk and lots of fresh garlic (from the farm) and ginger, it was almost flavorless. I found myself salting and salting as I ate to try to find some interest. I did use some cukes in a quick and delicious chopped salad: chickpeas, chopped cukes, tomato, red onion, avocado and olives, with a quick red wine vinaigrette. It made a filling and cool lunch, perfect for the steamy days we've had.

One intriguing possibilty lies ahead, however. When I arrived at the farm to pick up, another customer and one of the farmers were discussing something I've never encountered: a zucchini-based hummus. I'll be experimenting, and I promise to report back.


Dan Shaw said...

Last summer, I discovered that Netflix has several (six I believe) Julia Child DVDs and so you can see about 36 episodes of her show from about 1962 -1972. I watched many twice. Then I went to the library and took out The French Chef Cookbook (circa 1960s) and found the quintessential Julia recipe for sauteed cucumbers in butter. It was so simple and unusual and unmistakably French. It seemed so old fashioned in the best way. If you are not butter-shy, you might try it one day when you have too make cukes on hand.

Paige said...

What a great idea. I loved those shows--I remember watching them with my mom as a little girl; she was a big Julia disciple! I'll look for the cuke recipe--sounds intriguing and delicious.