Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Week Three -- the summer variety show

Yesterday's visit to the farm brought some surprises--snap peas, two pints of them, and fragrant, deep red strawberries. Field lettuces are back, as is bok choy (tiny, tender, babies this time) and Japanese turnips. Stay tuned for recipes, and those long-promised restaurant reviews. Also--out of town family comes to visit next week, and one of them is a chef. Any great surprise places a visiting foodie must go? Suggest away!


swimgirlseries said...

Have you tried the Southfield Store way out past new marlboro which is just east of GB?

Peter Platt bought it last year, and J and I had dinner there a few weeks ago. It's a small charming country store, and I used to love going there when Tim owned it for a delicious and inexpensive lunch or a great coffee and homemade cookie after getting my hair cut at Mepal Spa.

It was quite good, and supposedly they have a great thurs Oaxan night. I have to say though, I'm not one to complain about portion size, and I thought it was appaling.

Litterally one lone asparagus julianned into 10 paper thin slices as a side to my duck??? 10 leaves of baby arugula and two tiny wisps of parmesan for an a la cart salad that's 8 bucks???

Was not happy. Feel free to serve me delicious but tiny portions of the starch or the meat, but I want a decent portion of vegetables, esp this time of year.

Dan Shaw said...

Oaxan night is wonderful might it might be getting overcrowded during the summer.
You can read about it here: